§ 170. Disability Benefits - In General

Several different types of Social Security benefits are available on the basis of disability. First, disability insurance benefits are available to qualifying individuals on the basis of their own past earnings record. The amount of the benefit depends on that earnings history. Second, a surviving spouse can receive widow(er)s benefits prior to the eligibility age of 60 normally applicable to such benefits if he or she meets the Act's disability test. Such benefits can begin as early as age 50. Third, a child can receive benefits on the basis of the earnings record of a parent beyond the normal cutoff age for such benefits if the child meets the disability test. Finally, those who are not entitled to any of these other Social Security benefits or whose benefits are low may be eligible for Supplement Security Income disability benefits.

See generally SSA, Disability Benefits; Social Security Protection If You Become Disabled; Disability Benefits for Wounded Warriors; Benefits for Children with Disabilities; What You Need To Know When You Get Social Security Disability Benefits.

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